The Retail Solution Packages

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Feature Standard Deluxe
Basic Point-of-Sale X X
Discount Codes X X
Food Stamps X X
Gift Registry X X
Integrated Credit Card Processing Support X X
Layaway Tracking X X
Picking Tickets X X
Power Windows X X
Power Button Menu X X
Pole Display Support X X
Special Orders X X
Tax Matrix (Inventory/Customer) X X
TRS Rules ("Buy 2 Get 1 50% Off") X X
User-definable Invoice X X
Smart Coupons   X
Video Surveillance Support   X
Membership Card Printing   X
Microsoft MapPoint Integration   X
Warehouse Remote Invoice   X
Export/Import Tickets   X
Inventory Control Unlimited Unlimited
Data Import Wizard X X
Vendor Tracking X X
Global Update X X
Manager (Compute min./max.) X X
Master Order X X
User-definable PO X X
Vendor Cost Breaks X X
Ticket Entry Options   X
Ask Unit Option   X
Delivery Item   X
EDI for Purchase Orders   X
Gift Certificate/Card Tracking   X
Kits (Groups of items)   X
Matrix support (Size/Color/Width)   X
UPS Label Export (for shipping)   X
RMA Tracking   X
Serial Number Tracking   X
Shipping Item   X
Custom Mailing Labels X X
Customer Tracking X X
Global Update X X
Store Credit Tracking X X
User-definable Statements X X
Accounts Receivable   X
Count Tracking   X
Group Option   X
Membership Tracking   X
General Ledger X X
Accounts Payable (Your Bills) X X
Income Statement & Balance Sheet X X
Quickbooks Interface X X
Check Register & Check Printing   X
Employee Tracking X X
Time Clock X X
Menu-Level Security X X
Time Cards X X
Commission Tracking X X
Employee Scheduling   X
On-screen Help X X
Report Writer X X
Data Check In/Out X X
Integrated E-mail Support   X
Integrated Fax Support   X
Integrated Caller ID support   X
Pocket PC support   X
The Retail Solution SDK   X
Network Support Available X X
TRS Rental Option Available X X
TRS Scheduling Option Available X X
TRS Web Store Option Available X X
Multi-Site FTP Option Available   X