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Inventory Trade-in Feature
Easily manage trade-in items, such as video games, books, equipment, etc.

Trade-in Setup at Manager Workstation:

bullet You can create a different prompt window for each type of item.
bullet Optionally compute selling price based on condition of trade-in.
bullet Optionally print new barcode for trade-in item.

Set percent of trade-in value that must be used as store credit.


Set up service charges to be optionally deducted from trade-in credit


Optionally place a hold on the trade-in item (to complete services) before putting on shelf.





Inventory item called: WIITRADE

Trade-in at Point-of-Sales:


Easily locate trade-in item by scanning barcode or searching by description, other lookup, department or vendor.


See current color coded quantity-on-hand at trade-in screen.

Completed Trade-in at Point-of-Sales:

bullet Handles trade-in sales tax exclusion.

Tracks customerís available trade-in credit.


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