The Retail Solution 12.0 Sample Screens


PowerStation Point-of-Sales

 Login Menu-level security.  Restrict options each employee can access.
 Customer Lookup  Quick and easy search for a current customer.
 Customer Picture Track customer's picture using a digital camera or scanner. 
 Item Lookup 1  Item Lookup 2 Search by item number, description, keywords or barcodes.
 Item Picture  A picture is truly worth a thousand words! 
 Stock Status View stock information on an item.
 Payment Sample point-of-sales payment screen User-definable payments.
 Credit Cards Integrated credit card processing support.
 Readings Sample register readings.  Take a look at our "X" reading!
 Receipt Layout Sample receipt layout.
 Smart Coupons Option to print coupons at the bottom of the customer's receipt.
 Power Button Menu.  Quickly show a window of up to 100 user-definable buttons.
 MapPoint Integration Multiple orders can easily be selected and an optimized map route printed.
 Gift Registry Boost sales and offer a great service at the same time.
 Touch Screen  Take a look at our touch screen keyboard option.
 Time Clock Employees easily log in and out of user-definable work functions.
 Serial Inventory History  View information about past serial inventory items.
 Work Order Start job, take a deposit, print work order, do work, done!  

The Manager's Workstation

 Inventory   Sample inventory information screen. 
 Inventory Manager Using advanced inventory forecasting models, Inventory Manager can compute  optimized min/max settings for each inventory item.
 Global Update Make global changes to inventory.
 Customer Sample customer information screen.  
 Employee Sample employee information screen.  
 Report Writer Easily create professional reports in a WYSIWYG environment. 
 Pocket PC Support Direct integrated support for handheld Pocket PCs
 G/L Quick View Your financial status at a glance. 
 Barcodes Create custom WYSIWYG labels using drag-and-drop.
 Company Info. Setting up your company information is very simple! 
 Check Register View and enter transactions.
 Reconcile Checkbook Let The Retail Solution do the math for you!
 Enter Bills Supports both balance forward and open item accounts.
 Pay Bills Lists bills by date due.
 General Journal Entry Debit/Credit Helper streamlines journal entries.
 Vendor  Take a look at the updated vendor information.
 Shipping Setup Shipping charges based on total weight, dollar amount or item count.
 Define Item Matrix  Create a definition you can use over and over again.
 Create Item Matrix Enter information for one item and create up to 5000 additional items.
 Use Item Matrix Option to request item size/color at point of sale. 
 Kit Setup Create a kit with multiple items at one price.
 Use Kit Kit item at point of sale.
 Form Creator   Create custom WYSIWYG forms using drag-and-drop. 


 Rental Item Rental item setup in inventory control.
 Renting an Item A sample rental transaction at point-of-sales.
 Rental Return A sample rental return transaction at point-of-sales.
 Past Due Rental You are notified if a customer has a past due rental.
 Rental Call List A sample call list of past due rentals.
 Auto Price Changes Supports up to three day-of-the-week or seasonal prices.
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