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 What's New
TRS Tablet
TRS Tablet, included with The Retail Solution 12.0, is a separate program designed specifically for Windows-based tablet PCs. Click here!
The Retail Solution - Video Training Series
The Retail Solution Video Training Series will guide you step-by-step through setting up, configuring and using The Retail Solution to its full potential.  We have placed all our videos online for you to easily access. Click here!
The Retail Solution - Subscription Service
Customers can choose our new subscription service to license The Retail Solution. It offers a low fixed monthly expense, and includes technical support, maintenance updates and future upgrades. Customers can also choose to be billed yearly for additional savings.  Click here!
The Retail Solution - EMV Ready!
The EMV liability is here!  The Retail Solution 12.0 now has integrated support for Mercury's new EMV platform.  Click here!
24X7 Video Surveillance with Smart Cues
Each TRS Video Agent can support up to six Windows-based or IP-based cameras running simultaneously.  Click here!
Send Screen to Support
This feature allows you to easily send a picture of your screen to our support department.  You can crop, size, highlight areas and include notes.  Click here!
Add Our Link!
Take just a few minutes to add one of our links to your website and we will add two months of technical support to your active support agreement.  Click here!
The Register
Check out the current edition of our Retail Solution newsletter. Tips on faster login, 24X7 video surveillance, integrated bulk e-mail and more!  Click here!
The Retail Solution 12.0!
We are proud to release the 12.0 version The Retail Solution. Take a look at some of our many new features.  Click here!
New Multi-Site FTP Enterprise Edition!
Multi-Site FTP is now available in two different versions.  Standard & Enterprise Edition.  The Standard Edition is designed for companies that wish to synchronize information between stores. For example, inventory and customers. The Enterprise Edition adds centralized management and report capabilities. 
Multi-Store Quick View Screen.
Multi-Store Quick View allows you to view department sales, vendor sales, item sales, group inventory sales, taxes and ticket discounts for all stores on one screen. 
Campground/Cabin Reservations!
Our scheduling module now supports graphical view scheduling of user-definable resources.  Just move the mouse over the resource icon to view availability and site details.  Option to take advance deposits. Set pricing seasonally, by holiday or by weekday/weekend as well as per day, week or month.
A&D Scale Support!
The Retail Solution now interfaces with A&D scales. Choices of units: g, oz, lb-oz or lb. Very fast response time (less than one second). A&D Weighing, an ISO 9001 certified company, designs and manufactures a complete line of precision electronic scales.
New Consignment Features!
Unlimited consignment vendors and unlimited consignment inventory items per vendor. Option to view status of all inventory held per consignment vendor. Option to receive consignment inventory. Option to pay sold consignments. Use the Report Writer to create your own customized reports based on consignment purchases.  More about Consignment feature
X-Charge Credit Card Processing!
The Retail Solution now includes integrated support for X-Charge credit card processing software. Eliminate standalone credit card terminals. X-Charge software is free to all Retail Solution software users, is simple to set up, and provides authorization in seconds.  X-Charge interface details
Get Daily Sales Directly to Your Cell!
Out of town, on vacation or just away from the store? Have The Retail Solution 11.0 automatically send a text message containing sales totals directly to your cell phone or BlackBerry during the end-of-day procedure. Choose one or more of the following: Total Sales Today, Total Cost of Good Today, Total Profit Today, Total Voids Today, Total Returns Today or Total A/R Payments Today.
New Sales Management Module!
Track sales leads and increase your sales using our new Sales Management Module. View notes, email, quotes, important dates, past invoices and more all from one screen. 
New Inventory Trade-in Feature!
Easily manage trade-in items, such as video games, books, equipment, etc.
Integrated Driver's License scanning!
At the beginning of a sale, simply scan the barcode found on the back of your customerís driver's license to automatically update or add their name and address information to The Retail Solution. When completing a sale, payment types can be preset to request a driver's license scan for ID.  More about Driverís License Scanning
Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)
We have added Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) support for orders.  User-definable field layouts can be exported as Excel, XML, HTML, and comma or tab delimited text files.  The EDI files can be automatically sent to the vendor by FTP when the order is posted.
Integrated Employee Scheduling!  
Generate a complete work schedule based on employee availability and staffing requirements.  For more information click Here!
Schedule Events!
Scheduling dinner cruises, shows, plane and helicopter rides, etc. has never been easier.  Just about any group activity you can imagine can now easily be scheduled with our new event  feature.  Supports one-time or reoccurring events, optional seat assignments, check-in times, prepayments, deposits, crew scheduling, confirmation numbers, day-specific pricing, prepaid travel agency blocks and more.  Up to thirty user-definable questions can be asked about each person in a group or party.  For example:  weight, shoe size, meal choice, special occasion, etc.  This gives you the power and flexibility of a custom program with the price and reliability of an off-the-shelf product.  More about scheduling events
Super Charged Kits!
A kit is a group of items that are sold as a package.  We have added two new features to our already very powerful kit option.  First, you can now make changes to a kit at point-of-sale:  Add or delete items, change quantities or prices, etc.  Total cost and percent of profit for the kit can optionally be displayed so you can maintain appropriate margins.  The second new option allows you to bring up a substitute list for any one item in the kit.  For example, a customer purchasing a computer system "kit" might want to upgrade to a 21" monitor.  You would select the monitor in the kit edit window and press the substitute key for a list of all monitors, showing stock availability. 
The Retail Solution Rules!
This hot feature allows you to set up package discount options.  For example:  Buy any two items from department ABC, receive a 50% discount on the second item.  It also offers frequent buyer options and the ability to print user-definable forms when specific items are purchased.
More about The Retail Solution Rules 
Discount Codes 
We have added an option to create batches of discount codes.  A discount code can be used to give a percent discount, flat rate amount discount, change the current price level or activate a rule discount (buy 2 get 1 50% off).   Each discount code can have an optional reference code for tracking different advertising methods.  All discount code information is available to our report writer including times used, customer, ticket number, discount amount given and much more!
More about Discount Codes
Membership/Discount Cards!
From the point-of-sale you now have the option of printing a user-definable membership/discount card.  The card can automatically be assigned an optional discount code.  Scanning the card at the lookup code or anytime during the sale will activate the optional discount and recall the customer's information.  More about Membership/Discount Cards
Employee Time Card 
Each Time Card contains employee's  regular, overtime and holiday hours, commission, spiffs and bonus pay for a specific date range.  Total gross pay for salaried employees is also computed.  Multi-Site FTP can automatically transfer Time Cards to a main location for centralized payroll processing.     
Inventory Income Account!
Each inventory account can now have its own unique general ledger income account.
New Employee Commission Option!
Employee commission can now be based on a percent of profit range.  For example:  When profit on an item is 50% the employee receives 10% profit commission.  When profit on the same item is 25%, the employee could receive 5% profit commission.  This feature can be used to motivate employees to sell at a higher profit!  
Web Store Now On-line!
Combining The Power of The Retail Solution with the on-line Internet shopping.
More about Web Store
Rental option now on-line!
Take a look at our new fully loaded rental option
Data Import Wizard
The Manager's Workstation now includes the Import Data Wizard to add or update inventory, customers and vendors to The Retail Solution.   The Import Data Wizard can read Lotus, dBASE, Excel, Paradox, Quattro, Symphony and ASCII data files.
QuickBooks Interface
The Manager's Workstation for Windows now has an option for all The Retail Solution G/L transactions to be transferred to QuickBooks.
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