Event Scheduling Option

Our new event tracking feature is perfect for scheduling dinner cruises, shows, plane and helicopter rides or just about any group activity you can imagine! 
Supports one-time or reoccurring events.
Optional event start date.  Perfect for seasonal events or when starting new events.  
Optional seat assignment tracking.
Crew scheduling with up to ten user-definable job positions per event.
Event name, date, check-in time and confirmation number are printed on customer's invoice or receipt. 
Each event can have up to twenty-five different ticket types to choose from.  From example:  Adult Ticket, Child Ticket, Senior Ticket, etc.    
Day-specific pricing.  For each day of the week you can select from up to eight different pricing levels.  For example: An Adult Ticket on Monday can have a different price on Friday. 
Support for additional travel agency discounts.   
Each event can have specific comments.  For example:  "Don't forget to bring a light coat."
Each group or party reservation can have specific notes.  For example:  "Handicapped - Special help will be needed."
Busy Search.  Select the event from the list, enter the number of people in a group or party and a color-coded calendar displays availability.  Days the selected event is available are highlighted in green; days with a similar event scheduled at a different time are highlighted in yellow.
Supports optional pre-payment for reservation.
Up to thirty user-definable questions can be asked about each person in a group or party.  For example:  weight, shoe size, meal choice, special occasion, etc.   The answer format is user-definable.  (Text, number, date, check box or a predefined list.)
Completely integrated with The Retail Solution!  

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