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POS Software

Take just a few minutes to see why The Retail Solution is a smart choice for your Point-of-Sales software.

Why do I need retail point of sale (POS) software for my store?
POS software gives you the tools to manage your inventory in a way that maximizes profitability. It tells you what is selling and what isn't, and helps you forecast demand so you know when and how much to order. Retail software helps you track customers and increase sales. You will be able to manage customer loyalty programs and send targeted mailings. Point of sale software enhances security. You will be able to track which employee handles each transaction, and prevent unauthorized access. Retail software makes bookkeeping easier. Your account transactions are automatically posted throughout the day as you make sales, create purchase orders, and pay bills.

Why should I choose The Retail Solution as my point of sale (POS) software?
The Retail Solution is a full-featured program that integrates point of sale, inventory management, customer tracking, general ledger, checkbook, accounts receivable, accounts payable, time clock, webstore, scheduling, rentals, service management and video surveillance. With full network support and our Enterprise Multi-Store option, The Retail Solution will meet your needs now and into the future. Download a free demo today and see for yourself why thousands of retail stores have chosen The Retail Solution as their POS software.

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Questions & Answers

How can I transfer the data from my previous POS system?
  Our Data Import Wizard makes it easy to import data in a variety of common formats.  For more information,  Click here!
How does The Retail Solution help prevent fraud?
  The Retail Solution tracks price overrides, refunds, drawer opening/closing, and voided items per employee. The Retail Solution also has a video surveillance interface that allows you to monitor register activity. For more information, Click here!
What are The Retail Solution hardware requirements?
  Any computer running Windows 7 or greater will run The Retail Solution. You may also want a cash drawer receipt and/or invoice printer, and scanner. For more information, Click here!
How do I process credit cards with The Retail Solution?
  The Retail Solution interfaces with several processors, including Mercury Payment Systems, Vantiv, X-Charge, Heartland, Worldpay and FirstData.
How do I train my employees?
  We offer online video training, a detailed user manual, and on-screen help.
How much does The Retail Solution cost?
  Subscription service starts at $49 per month, or purchase outright starting at $529.  For more information, Click here!

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